Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cutting Aluminum with a Circular Saw

Sometimes here at Don's Garage I need to make some stuff out of aluminum - thick aluminum, like what I would make a custom sprocket carrier for a supermoto. The biggest problem is, I don't have a band saw..

Try cutting it with a cutoff wheel? Bullshit! Takes all day, makes shitty aluminum dust, and the wheels keep loading up with AL residue. This was an almost unworkable situation.

In a nicotine-and-red-bull-induced rampage, I went online and found some forums where people had said that they could use a circular saw with a metal cutting blade for AL up to 1/4 inch. I decided to kick it up a notch.

Wood blade (it's what I had), 1.25 inch thick plate.

The results - Jammed saw blade, but a usable piece of material.

The results were spectacular. The saw cuts through the AL like butter - You just gotta watch your fingers, wear safety glasses, and ear plugs. In the end, this will destroy your saw blade for cutting wood, but it worked great.

A little piece of AL and the saw blade became real good friends...

The blade eventually did jam up, but it was on the last piece when I was really in a hurry.


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